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Youth Officer Program

Patrol Officer Charles Wolff has been a Patrolman with the Plattsburgh Police Department since January 2011. In November of 2017, he was assigned to the Juvenile Division. In addition to the enforcement of the laws of the State of New York, as well has the City of Plattsburgh, the Juvenile Division is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses committed by persons under the age of sixteen. 


Officer Wolff serves as a liaison between the Plattsburgh Police Department, the Plattsburgh City School District, and Seton Catholic, consisting of five schools in all; Plattsburgh High School, Stafford Middle School, Arthur P. Momot Elementary School, Bailey Avenue Elementary, Oak Street Elementary, and Seton Academy. The Juvenile Division encourages a positive relationship between the students and law enforcement. Officer Wolff serves as a positive role model for these students and provides information and education to the students on a wide variety of topics. He also works with the administration to address problems facing the student population in today's society. 


In addition to the students, Officer Wolff assists faculty and administration around the district. He also provides support to various civic groups and organizations. As the Juvenile Officer, Charles Wolff also assists groups such as the Clinton County Youth Bureau and Clinton County Department of Social Services Person in Need of Supervision Diversion Committee. Officer Wolff assists not only the area youth within the City of Plattsburgh, but also with the youth in communities throughout Clinton County.