Public Meeting on 11/22 to discuss City’s Comprehensive Plan

(PLATTSBURGH- Thursday November 10th, 2022) -The City of Plattsburgh, along with consultants Saratoga Associates and Behan Planning and Design, will be holding a public meeting to discuss the Final Drafts of the Comprehensive Plan and the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program for the city on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 5:00pm at City Hall.

The Comprehensive Plan update is driven by the City’s vision for an inclusive, vibrant downtown, steeped in history and culture, with walkable mixed-use neighborhoods and abundant affordable housing. The current Comprehensive Plan for the City was developed in 1999. This update is being undertaken in conjunction with updates to the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program and will be followed by revisions to the City Zoning Ordinance that will facilitate the implementation of these two plans. Funding for this project is provided by the New York State Department of State under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.

“We’ve witnessed many major events and significant developments in technology which have led to shifts in our society and our expectations since the last Comprehensive Planning effort,” Senior Planner, Elisha Bartlett says. “This is a valuable, and exciting point in time for us to reflect on the past while taking a hard look to envision the path we want Plattsburgh and our lives to follow over the next 20 years so we may all thrive. Your participation is important to this process!”

This Comprehensive Plan presents a long-term perspective and vision to guide decision making in the City of Plattsburgh 

for the next twenty years. It will provide the road map to ensure Plattsburgh continues to thrive as the heart of the North Country and as a city that adapts to the needs of its people while preserving its unique identity. This plan provides the story about who we are as a community, who we strive to be, and the road map to get there guided by the core characteristics of sustainability, diversity, resiliency, and vibrancy. The Draft Comprehensive Plan was discussed at a public meeting held on August 4, and feedback from that meeting has been incorporated.

"This comprehensive plan will drive and shape the growth of the City of Plattsburgh for the next two decades and beyond. It's some of the most important work this administration will do to transform our city for growth, inclusion, and prosperity. Our City's 'potential' will finally be realized through the delivery and implementation of this comprehensive master plan," says Mayor Chris Rosenquest.

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) assesses current opportunities and constraints and to build a consensus on the desired future of the community's waterfront. More importantly, the LWRP provides a strategy for achieving that vision and for managing local resources.

The City of Plattsburgh's LWRP has been prepared with the following goals foremost in mind: 

  • Increasing public awareness of, and accessibility to, the Lake Champlain and Saranac River waterfronts;
  • Capitalizing on the economic development and downtown revitalization potential of waterfront redevelopment;
  • Addressing ways to accommodate increasing public demand for recreational resources;
  •  Explore ways to work regionally to develop and enhance linkages to the rest of the Adirondack Coast; and 
  • Crafting a reasonable plan for protecting and enhancing the city's waterfront, cultural, and natural resources.

The City and the Advisory Committee encourage residents to review the draft plans, which are accessible at: Residents are encouraged to submit questions and comments on the City website or at the meeting. Residents may participate via Zoom at: