City Hall is Installing New Windows

On Monday, February 14, construction work to replace all of the exterior windows in City Hall will commence.  The first phase of the work will consist of asbestos abatement activities and the removal of the existing windows.  Public notice of the asbestos abatement will be posted on the outer doors of City Hall starting on Wednesday, February 9th. All asbestos abatement activities will take place after 4:00 p.m. each weekday once offices are closed. 

Prior to the abatement work, each window portal will be sealed from the inside to prevent any asbestos from entering the building.  The abatement work will then be conducted from the exterior of the building under the supervision of the City's environmental consultant, KAS.  The period between removal of the old windows and installation of the new windows will last several weeks. Currently, the new windows are scheduled to be delivered on March 10th with installation to be completed by April 8th. 

The installation of new windows will not interrupt City Hall services and City Hall will operate within its regular business hours. At certain points during installation, building entrances may be temporarily closed; however signs will be posted to direct the public to an accessible entrance. 

This project, initiated in 2016, has been funded by various grants through the Independent Energy Efficiency Program and Dormitory Authority of the State of New York. The total cost of the project is $680,374. The new windows are expected to increase energy efficiency throughout the building while maintaining the historically accurate style and design of the original windows.