2022 Fireworks Display

Bid Recipient

The City of Plattsburgh is accepting proposals for its 2022 Fireworks programs -each event is a 20 minute show +/- in duration as follows:

Proposal #1:

Date Event Budget Amount

July 4th Independence Day Best quote

July 9th Mayor's Cup 2022   Best quote

Proposal #2:

Date Event Budget Amount

July 4th Independence Day Best quote

July 9th Mayor's Cup 2022   Best quote

Sept 9th  Battle of Plattsburgh Best quote

The proposal shall include the following information for each show:

  • Clear description of the number, size and type of shells, domestic or other manufacturer, for each part of the program;
  • Program shall include but is not limited to:
    • Opening Barrage;
    • Main body of the Display;
    • Finale;
    • Grand Finale;
  • Requirements the City needs to meet; I.E., site requirements, security, fire protection, payment schedule and other items to be required by the City shall be included in the proposal.
  • A separate contract in the specified amount for each event to be signed upon award. 

The City reserves the right to alter or amend the contract. The maximum shell size in any program shall be eight inches (8”).

The successful company shall be required to provide the attached (per NYS Penal Law article 405) permit and insurance requirements a minimum of 60 days in advance of the event, naming the City of Plattsburgh as an Additional Insured party.

It is the intent of this proposal that all facets of the display shall be provided by the bidder for the price quoted, including, but not necessarily limited to, all materials & supplies needed, including materials in the event of inclement weather, all staff needed to set-up and execute the program, transportation of materials/supplies and staff to Plattsburgh, NY site; a thorough cleanup of the launch site including removal of any/all un-spent shells and debris associated with the launch.

The City will review all proposals received with the intent to award and enter into contacts with successful proposal by March 22nd 2022. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals. No proposal may be withdrawn until March 22nd 2022.

Proposal shall be submitted to:

City Clerk’s office

City of Plattsburgh

41 City Hall Place

Plattsburgh, NY  12901


Proposal must be clearly marked “Proposal for Plattsburgh’s 2022 Fireworks Display” and received on/before March 22nd 2022.


To be included with the written proposal



Name of Company: _____________________________________________


Address: _____________________________________________


Phone #: _____________________________________________


Fax #: _____________________________________________


Email: _____________________________________________


Person Providing Proposal: _______________________________________


Title: _______________________________________


Signature of person providing proposal: ___________________________________


Date:  _________________  


To be submitted on/before March 22nd 2022


To be included with proposal:

  • This form
  • Non collusive bid form
  • Written programs with draft contract for each program and addendum

NOTE:  If proposal is to be sent other than USPS shipping address is:

City Clerk’s office


41 City Hall Place

Plattsburgh, NY  12901

518-563-7702 (phone)

518-562-5844 (fax)


Publication Date/Time
Closing Date/Time
Contact Person
Courtney Meisenheimer
Pre-bid Meeting
Business Hours
M-F 8:00AM - 4:00PM
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