The Bike Guys Find New Location at 39 Oak Street

(PLATTSBURGH- December 13th, 2023) - Two local residents have moved the base of their charitable operation, known as “The Bike Guys”, from the former site of the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum (CVTM) to the Plattsburgh Housing Authority’s (PHA) building at 39 Oak Street where they will continue to refurbish and give away hundreds of bicycles a year to those North Country residents who need them most. 


Richard (“Dick”) Jenkins and Gene Provencher started The Bike Guys over six years ago after helping an Eagle Scout who asked them to fix his bicycle. Word spread quickly and Dick and Gene started refurbishing bikes that had been either recovered unclaimed by the Plattsburgh City Police Department or donated by local retailers.  After getting the bikes back in shape with fresh paint, tires, chains, etc., The Bike Guys donate them to community organizations like the Kiwanis Club and others with similar missions which distribute the refurbished bikes to those in our community who need them most. That could include a child or teen who needs a bike to get to school or an adult who needs a way to get to work.  Those in need of a bike can also visit The Bike Guys shop in person and request one.  When asked about the work they do, Dick said, “We just try to help. That’s my attitude about it.” 


Prior to the CVTM’s closure, Dick and Gene served as the museum’s de facto buildings and ground staff and were responsible for much of the cleanup work that took place throughout the CVTM campus in recent years.  In their youth, both men served in the military and saw active combat in the Vietnam War (Dick) and the Korean War (Gene).


When the City of Plattsburgh needed to relocate those tenants still operating within the former CVTM after the museum closed, The Bike Guys needed to find a new base of operations. After reviewing options with Dick and Gene, the City contacted Mark Hamilton, Executive Director of the Plattsburgh Housing Authority (PHA), who recognized the value The Bike Guys bring to the community and, in consultation with the PHA’s Board of Commissioners, offered to make available vacant office space on the ground floor of the PHA’s 39 Oak Street property.  The PHA then hired a consulting engineer to design renovations to the space that would meet The Bike Guys needs and paid all associated construction costs.  Those renovations were completed during the spring and summer of 2023 and Dick and Gene started moving their equipment and inventory from the CVTM to their new shop in early fall.  “It’s great because we have had residents of the building show up and we can help them get them a bike,” said Gene of the relocation. 


Mark Hamilton said of the PHA’s efforts, “The PHA is excited to have The Bike Guys sharing our space and providing refurbished bikes to our community.  We intend to build a partnership between The Bike Guys and our youth Center, the Ted K. Center, too.  Working with the City to ensure there was space in our community for Dick and Gene is exactly the kind of thing the PHA and its Board of Commissioners endeavors to do.” The City wishes to express its gratitude both to Mr. Hamilton and to the PHA’s board for their generous support of The Bike Guys.


The Bike Guys have a small operational budget for tools and equipment like bike tires and gears and these expenses are paid from the personal funds of Dick and Gene.  In prior years, they received modest donations from local businesses interested in supporting their operations but recent funding commitments have been difficult to come by.  If you are interested in supporting The Bike Guys, please visit their shop during the hours listed below. 


Both Dick and Gene asked that it be made clear they aren’t a traditional bike repair shop and that those members of the community in need of repairs to bikes they already own should contact local businesses like Maui North or Viking Ski ‘N Cycle.  Dick and Gene specialize in refurbishing donated bikes that they can then give to those community members most in need of them. 


If you’re interested in getting in touch with Dick and Gene, they can be found at their 39 Oak Street shop from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday through Friday.  You can also send an email to