Margaret Street Project Outcomes

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - April 13th 2022) - The results of the secondary public feedback survey on the Margaret Street project are in and 42% of respondents voted to convert Margaret Street into a one way single shared use lane with parking on both sides of the street.

The second public feedback survey for the Margaret Street project closed on Wednesday March 23rd 2022 with over 900 respondents. The survey polled participants on which of three options they would prefer for the layout of Margaret Street between Cornelia and Broad streets; the first option being a two way street with parking on both sides (similar to the street’s current configuration), the second being a two way street with no parking and shared use travel lanes for both bicycles and automobiles in each direction, and the final option being a conversion of Margaret St. to a one-way street with parking on both sides and a single, shared use travel lane. 

29% of respondents chose Alternative 1, the current configuration (261 votes), Alternative 2, a two way street with no parking received 29% of the vote (255 votes) and Alternative 3, the one way with parking on both sides received 42% of the vote(374 votes). 

C&S Companies has made the recommendation to convert the section of Margaret Street between Court Street and Brinkerhoff Street into a one way street heading southbound. The one way street would maintain its parking spaces and portions of the sidewalk would be enlarged on the street. C&S Companies also recommended that Court and Brinkerhoff streets be configured to have one travel lane, two parking lanes and a separated bicycle lane and sidewalk.

This recommendation comes from C&S Companies carefully reviewing survey data, and comments left in the open comment section of the survey as well as comments submitted to the City. The consulting group took into consideration the popular vote as well as the top priorities identified by the public through public meetings; which were street safety, walkability and traffic calming measures on Margaret Street.

City staff was presented these recommendations followed by a presentation to the Public Advisory Committee to gather feedback and input on the proposed plans. On Wednesday April 13th C&S will present their report, preliminary graphics and cost estimate to the Finance/Community Development committee. On Thursday April 21st the City Council will vote on adopting the recommendations made by C&S. Mayor Rosenquest will be holding an open community dialogue session after the Common Council meeting, date and time to be determined.

The replacement of the aging infrastructure beneath Margaret Street, Court Street and Brinkerhoff Street is estimated to begin in May 2023. The City will continue to provide updates to the public via press release, website and social media.